Visual Arts Collective 3638 Osage Street, Garden City, ID 83714 A 21+ establishment • Valid ID required Contemporary fine art gallery, performance venue, and cultural center Boise & Treasure Valley, located in Garden City, ID

The Naughty Show

Show ran from December 2, 2016 to February 4, 2017
A 21+ establishment • Valid ID required

With the VAC’s recent win against the state of Idaho, Samuel Stimpert, Rick Walter and Noble Hardesty decided it was high time for an erotic art show. Please come join us on Friday, December 2nd at the Visual Arts Collective, for a peep at sex, the nude and several explorations in what some might consider taboo. Just in time to have a night to forget about our recent election and the looming holidays. This show is 21 +up

Participating artists:

  • Rick Walter
  • Lisa Roggenbuck
  • Erik Payne
  • Julia Green
  • Sean Wyett
  • Mike Flinn
  • Erin Ruiz
  • Nels Jensen
  • Bobby Aden
  • Jaki Katz Ashford
  • Travis Berg
  • Mira Heintz
  • Kendall Vader
  • Erin Cunningham
  • Solomon Hawk Sahlein
  • Collin Pfeifer
  • Noble Hardesty
  • Steve Willhite
  • John Warfel
  • Kelly Knopp
  • Jason Lee
  • Jay O’Leary
  • Miss Cay
  • Cale Cathey
  • Wil Kirkman
  • Toby Robin
  • Travis Campion
  • Tony Adamson
  • Rachel Teannalach
  • Betsie Richardson
  • Sue Latta