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The Birth of Creation – New work by Emily Wenner

The Birth of Creation – New work by Emily Wenner
Artist Reception June 2nd
5:30 to Late 
Show Runs from June – July

Artist Statement:
The Birth of Creation
The beauty of creation develops out of an enigmatic void.
We often see the birth of something new in the midst of death. This makes a cycle of
mysterious beginnings stemming from sometimes tragic yet necessary endings.
Ideas propagate at the brink of strong emotion, creating a magical energy that has no
other choice but to go somewhere safe or risk causing destruction.
Capturing the flame in your heart requires you to face fear head on and trust in the
metaphysical.  This allows the beauty of nirvana in a present moment to reveal itself
softly though personal expression, subsequently igniting flames in those who share time
and space. Creation helps us overcome the darkest, most confining feelings of the mind.
The birth of creation arrives from taking risk, sensuality, transparency, awareness and
nonjudgement.  Like the beauty of a flower about to bloom, the divine feminine revels in the joy of ecstasy.
Creation is an act of love.