Puppeteers for Fears ~ Cattle Mutilation: the Musical!

Puppeteers for Fears ~ Cattle Mutilation: the Musical!Tuesday, July 23, with special guests Derek Deon and the Vaughns
Doors at 7 pm – Show 8 pm 


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Puppeteers for Fears, the world’s greatest puppet rock band and comedy troupe, present Cattle Mutilation: the Musical!, a quintessentially NW story of the generational divide, UFO sightings, and the search for bigfoot. But with puppets. Written by Josh Gross, directed by Katy Curtis, and with live music performed by Derek Deon and the Vaughns.
Something is happening to the cows. They’re found in fields turned all about. Intestines on the out, and outsides in….

After a rash of cattle mutilations hits their small Oregon town, a rancher and his son set off into the woods to find the beast they’re sure is responsible: Bigfoot. Instead they find themselves in the middle of an intergalactic family dispute with potentially deadly consequences!

-See the first ever stage musical to tackle the hot topic of anal probing!
-See the two-headed beast of the Rogue Valley live and in-person!
-See if being good at video games is the same as having your flying saucer pilot’s license!
-See the swinging surf rock soundtrack performed by Derek Deon and the Vaughns!
-See cows finally strike back!

Cattle Mutilation: the Musical! (or Boner Pills From Outer Space!) was Puppeteers for Fears feature debut, and audiences have been begging for its return since the moment it closed. After three full seasons of ambitious new work and two west coast tours, PFF is finally giving in to the demand and bringing the show back, with a new cast, a more ambitious staging and a bonus song.

An expected combination of belly-laughs, heart, and catchy pop hooks you won’t be able to get out of your head, Cattle Mutilation: the Musical! is both a loving homage to campy pulp sci-fi, and something wholly original. This is the puppet rock musical about bigfoot you couldn’t have imagined you needed, because it was too bizarre for anyone besides Puppeteers for Fears to have dreamed up.

The show is 90 minutes long with one intermission, and features twelve surf-rock and space-jazz inspired songs written by Josh Gross, and performed by indie-soul darlings, Derek Deon and the Vaughns. It will be performed at various venues throughout Southern Oregon in spring, and then go on a west coast tour during the summer.

Cattle Mutilation: The Musical was written and composed by Josh Gross, and directed by Katy Curtis. It stars Reece Bredl, Hunter Prutch, Lauren Taylor, Alex Giorgi, and Forrest Gilpin. Music will be performed by Derek Deon and the Vaughns, who will also perform a brief opening set of their original material in place of recorded house music before the show. The cast soundtrack will be available for purchase at all performances.


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