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New Works by Stuart Holland

Opening Reception
First Friday ~ February, 4th 2022
Visual Arts Collective
6 to Late – 21+ – FREE
Show Runs February – March
In this exhibition, Stuart Holland is presenting two distinct bodies of work – ‘Elsew(here)’ and ‘Ceremony.’
‘Elsew(here)’ consists of a series of charcoal drawings depicting pensive subjects set amongst surreal, liminal landscapes. These dreamy, enigmatic scenes evoke a sense that these subjects are not simply in some physical ‘outer’ space, but that the environments also exist as manifestations of some ‘inner’ world within themselves. ‘Elsew(here)’ invites viewers to consider existential themes such as the mystery of human consciousness, spirituality, and the magical realm where reality, imagination, and the Unknown converge.
‘Ceremony’ is a series of watercolor and gold leaf paintings that seeks to explore similar themes through a more grounded, terrestrial lens. The paintings in this series have been largely inspired by the artist’s experiences learning about the connection between Nature and spirituality from indigenous teachers and from various ceremonies involving plant medicines, and seek to respectfully pay homage to traditions which these teachings originate. The works in this often depict elemental spirits or totemic animals which are revered as symbols and serve as reminders of how humans are meant to live harmoniously within Nature’s limits. Each piece is treated as its own dynamic ecosystem and incorporates symbols which illustrate that all Life is a great circle and depends on complex balances of energies to flow in harmony with one another in order to thrive.