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Frankly Burlesque presents: Up Up and Away!

Frankly Burlesque presents: Up Up and Away!

November 20th, 2021

Doors 8, show 9


Tickets $25 presale, $30 at the door

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Your attention in the terminal: the final flight of Frankly Burlesque is boarding!

Up, Up, and Away! The grand finale of Frankly Burlesque is bound to be one heckin’ ride!

It’s less strip tease and more of an evocative stage show of emotional will, absconding from the constraints of society, and taking flight into the stratosphere of what could be, all while serving a healthy entree of collective spite.

Alisha Donahue is the satirical stewardess guiding the journey through the turbulence of farce, fears, feminism, and life saving in-flight announcements. Singing, storytelling, pole, slam poetry, and modern dance are some of the fabulous in-flight features, capped with Frankie’s swan song: her burlesqued interpretation of a one-woman show, The Holy Trilogy (according to Margaret Atwood).

Frankly Frankie has been a major player in the Boise burlesque scene since 2007. She is responsible for integrating burlesque into the Boise arts and culture scene, she co-founded the Red Light Variety Show, created Frankly Burlesque, and challenged Idaho blue laws in court, defending burlesque as a legitimate art form and validating it as such in the book of law. While art and nudity will alway coarse through her veins, she steps off the stage in pursuit of new undertakings that require more clothing and a subdued raunch.


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Tickets must be refunded before doors open for the date of the show.


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