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An Evening With The Stinkfoot Orchestra featuring Ike Willis

Visual Arts Collective proudly presents an evening with The Stinkfoot Orchestra featuring Ike Willis
Wednesday, April 26 th 2023
Doors at 7 pm – Show 8 pm
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Wednesday, April 26th – The Visual Arts Collective is proud to present a 14-piece tribute to Frank
Zappa with San Jose’s Stinkfoot Orchestra featuring Zappa alum, Ike Willis.
As the iconic voice who contributed to multiple Zappa ensembles, Ike Willis is best known as the voice
of Joe from Joe’s Garage. Holding the title of the musician who spent the most years making music
with Frank, Willis’ unmistakable baritone helped breathe life into many of Zappa’s most enduring
compositions over the course of 10 years and 10+ albums. Decades later, Ike’s voice is as strong as ever
and brings an immediate sense of familiarity to the music of the Stinkfoot Orchestra.
Employing a 6-piece horn section, tuned percussion and 4 vocalists, this ensemble pulls no punches –
delivering the intricacies and eccentricities of Frank’s music with power, authenticity and musical
prowess. Founded by 35-year veteran of the South Bay music scene, Nick Chargin, the Stinkfoot
Orchestra spent most of the pandemic honing their craft – finally bringing their show to the stage in
September of 2021. Bolstered by a few articles that brought international attention, 2022 saw the band
quickly grow a fanbase throughout the Pacific Northwest – exposing new audiences to Zappa’s music
and wowing existing Zappaphiles with well orchestrated arrangements that harken back to Zappa’s
(last) 1988 touring ensemble.
“The Stinkfoot Orchestra admirably delivered all the musical virtuosity, compositional non-conformity,
and satire of American culture that Frank Zappa distilled within his extensive oeuvre. The impression
left upon driving home from this experience was one of deep appreciation mixed with laughter and
amazement.” – Ted Silverman, Jambase